Family First: A little about us

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Josh and his wife, Marilyn, live in Lacey with their 5 beautiful daughter…Yep! You read that right, 5 wonderful daughters.  (In case you are wondering, they have two boy dogs). Both, Josh and Marilyn attended Timberline High School and they were high school sweet. Mint Landscapes is Partners In Education with two school within North Thurston Public School District as well as volunteers for Project Evergreen, a program that supports military households while their family member(s) are deployed.

The Formation of Mint

My younger years, consisted of spending time with my mom, planting flowers in our flowerbeds. She was, still is, what we call a plant hoarder, and she eventually passed that onto me. She had always preached to that my brother and I to be kind and respectful and she used our time in the garden, as the place to teach us these lessons. Once I reached the age of 8 years old, spending time do yard work and planting, was a thing of the past. Oh, did I hate doing yard work. But as many of us do when we are growing up, spending time in the yard was part of our summer chores. My dad always taught my brother and I to take pride in our work, no matter what we were doing, whether we wanted to participate or not. Always put forth your best. This advise pushed me in my many years of pursuing basketball and being a drummer. Never settling to be second, but always pushing myself to be at the top, no matter what I did.

“We know that if we can deliver great service, make your yard look fantastic, and earn your trust that we have just gained another family member… And to us, that’s job number one.”
-Josh McCarty, Owner

When my wife and I were in our mid twenties, we purchased a house that had a terrible looking yard. We immediately starting renovating the landscape. It had been many years since I really put time and effort into working in a yard, but I absolutely enjoyed, unlike my teenage years working. After numerous hours working on our landscape, friends at work kept telling me to start a landscape business, because I always seemed to be working in it. “Why would I do”, I would tell them. “That’s a terrible idea.” Well, after prauding one night at work from my friends, I decided that my wife and I would start our company. First thing the next morning, I told my wife my grand idea. Her words, “I’m all in!” From that moment on, we set a plan in place on what type of company we would be; Customer Focused, Professional, Only Providing the best quality of service.

Today, this still what we stand by, and what we teach each of our employees. They know, If you see someone loading something heavy into their car, then turn your equipment off, set it down and see if they need help. We are stewards to our community.

Josh McCarty
Mint Landscapes, LLC


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