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Did you know that we offer tree care? In addition to our fantastic lawn, garden, and landscaping services, we offer top-notch arbor services. No matter if you have a tree that is struggling to thrive, or need a tree pruned or removed, we can help take care of that for you.

There are lots of things that can affect a tree’s health and yearly growth cycle. The following is a short list of problems and solutions that you can take to help make sure that your trees grow like they were made to:

1. Drought

Most mature northwest trees are hardy enough to go a month or more without rainfall. But, if a dry spell lasts too long, even our best and strongest trees can start to show signs of stress. If it’s been warmer than usual, or if rainfall has been unusually light for an extended period of time, you might start to see your tree’s leaves or needles begin to dry out or change color. This can be a serious sign that your tree is in need of an immediate drink of water… and it will want lots of water.

Mostly smaller and less mature trees are at risk, but there are also a number of different species that rely of vast amounts of water to survive. If you aren’t sure what kind of tree you have, or would like more information, we are here to help.


2. Insects and other tree-harming organisms.

Bugs, YUCK!


Bugs. Yuck.

Trees are often a sure place to find wood-destroying beetles, termites, grubs, and many other types of life that depend on them for food and shelter. In extreme cases, entire forested areas have been harmed and even destroyed by these creepy crawlies. The most obvious signs of tree-harming insects are tiny holes that they make when they chew their way into a tree’s trunk, branches or stem.  You might also see signs of sawdust-like material called frass that they expel from their bore holes. If you see this, call us We can help.


3. Cold weather:

Snowy house with tree limbs

Downed limbs can be a pain

We are lucky enough in the northwest to not really experience the cold weather that some other places across the country get every winter. But that doesn’t mean that our trees, lawns, and gardens can’t or won’t suffer damage due to cold weather and winter storms. Wind, heavy rain storms, floods, ice, and extreme cold spells can all take their toll. Ice and snow cause massive amounts of damage across western Washington every fall and winter. Branches often end up strewn across roads, roofs, and yards, which causes untold amounts of damage and sometimes weeks of cleanup. When trees lose to many branches, they can succumb to the trauma and die, if not cared for immediately. The last few weeks of been pretty cold and rainy, with a lot of wind that has taken down branches and made messes all over. If you’ve got a tree that has sustained heavy damage, or if you’re in need of yard clean up, just give us a call and we can help.




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