Family First: A little about us

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Josh and his wife, Marilyn, live in Lacey with their 5 beautiful daughter…Yep! You read that right, 5 wonderful daughters.  (In case you are wondering, they have two boy dogs). Both, Josh and Marilyn attended … Read More

Job Opening – Olympia, WA

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Irrigation Specialist Opening Full-time job opening – Olympia, WA Looking for an exciting and challenging career opportunity? Mint Landscapes is hiring a irrigation specialist. Strategic Work Evaluate and track irrigation performance and production levels Train … Read More

Is your lawn ready for winter?

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Fall and winter can take a brutal toll on your lawn. From root-destroying insects to harsher than normal freezes, grass and shrubbery can get hit hard in the off-seasons. To help prevent your yard from … Read More

Indian Summer HOA – Lacey, WA

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We are proud to announce that we are now the preferred landscaping company for many homes in the fantastic Indian Summer community located in Lacey, WA. Check out some photos from the beautiful Indian Summer … Read More

How to keep weeds at bay…

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Are you having trouble keeping weeds from infesting your flower beds? Here are five great ways to keep weeds from taking over: 1. Mulch Layering mulch on your garden soil will stifle those pesky plants … Read More