Smart Irrigation & Water management

Using the latest in irrigation technology has allowed us to save our customers thousands of dollars every year.

If you have an older irrigation system, or if you are looking to have a system installed, let us help you make the most efficient and cost effective choice you can.
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    Smart, Efficient Irrigation

    We are passionate about creating beautiful landscapes! From lawn maintenance to irrigation to paver patios, we have the experts on our team to deliver the quality you should expect from a landscape firm.

    Certified Irrigation Specialists
        -All work is performed by certified specialists

        -New installation & existing system servicing
    Smart Systems
        -WiFi & cellular-connected sensors help manage water usage
    -Fine-tune watering habits from a smartphone, tablet, or computer

    Irrigation Maintenance
        -Spring start up, mid-season adjustment/service, & winter blow outs
        -Easy restoration & optimization for existing systems

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    The MINT Difference

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    Top Quality Service
    Professionaly-trained & uniformed crews
    Precise estimating processes
    Reliable scheduling
    Comprehensive site analysis & planning
    Managed quality audits
    Strategic annual & quarterly budgeting
    Innovative Smart Irrigation & resource conservation
    24/7 on-call response